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LIVER FLUSH – Advanced liver flush protocol recipe for flushing the liver & gallbladder of toxic stones. This instructional training tutorial video takes you step by step on how to do an advanced liver flush. It is important to prepare properly for the flush by following a liver cleansing raw food diet for a minimum of 3-4 days leading to the flush. I recommend doing castor oil packs, coffee enemas & taking oxy-mag powder, orthophosphoric acid, apple cider vinegar shots, milk thistle, niacin B3, epsom salt, master cleanse drink & the liver electrolyte drink for 1-4 days leading to the flush.

1) Castor Oil Packs – Castor packs are very calming and healing for the liver. Castor packs help relax & dilate the bile ducts, dissolve scar tissue, reduce inflammation, stimulate the production of bile, soften stones & relax the body & mind. Do one castor oil pack for 1 hr per day for 3-4 days.

2) Coffee Enemas – Coffee enemas are a powerful liver detox that has been used for hundreds of years to detoxify the liver. Coffee enemas by them selves have the potential to release liver and gallstones. Coffee enemas dilate the bile ducts and stimulate the liver to go into DETOX DUMP mode. The coffee enema has also been used for hundreds of years as a natural alternative cancer treatment/cure. Coffee enemas are also a great treatment/cure for fatty liver disease, liver fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver. I recommend doing 1-2 coffee enemas per day for 3-4 days leading to the flush. (highly recommended). To by a coffee enema kit, hoses, tips or other enema supplies please visit http://Enema.guru

3) Oxy-Mag Powder – Oxy-mag is nothing more than oxygenated magnesium and it is used to clean the liver and intestines before and after doing a liver flush. To activate the oxy-mag you must add the juice of half-one lemon to a glass of water. Oxy-mag is a super antioxidant that helps stop the body from aging. In addition to it’s anti-aging properties it is also a laxative that cleans toxins and debris from the intestinal wall. After taking oxy-mag powder you will most likely be going to the toilet very often and you will not experience a normal bowel movement of solid stools but instead you will experience liquid poo. This liquid is often very foul smelling because of the toxins it is pulling out of the intestinal tract. I recommend taking this produce once per day for 3-4 days leading to the flush. I also recommend taking oxy-mag for 2-4 days after the flush as well in order to flush the toxins from the intestines that can get left over from the flush. To by high quality oxy-mag powder veg caps please visit http://OxyMag.co

4) Orthoposphoric Acid – Orthophosphoric acid is a great liver cleansing product that helps soften, breakup & dissolve liver stones & gallstones. Take 30 drops per day for 3-4 days leading to the flush. Brush your teeth after taking this product. But there is a better product out now that is called oxy -powder and it is also ozonated and patented, this product is superior because it is a time release of nascent oxygen so it doesn’t make you have frequent trips to the bathroom but instead realeases the oxygent over a 16 hout period. You can but oxy powder at http://bit.ly/2shRuC7

5) Apple Cider Vinegar – ACV is also used to soften, breakup & dissolve liver stones and gallstones. The active ingredient is malic acid, you can also purchase pure malic acid powder from most health food stores. Apples & apple juice also contain natural malic acid, green granny smith apples contain the highest concentration of malic acid than any other apple. Take three 2 oz shots of apple cider vinegar per day for 3-4 days leading to the flush.

6) Milk Thistle – Milk thistle is perhaps the most powerful herb for liver support as it protects, restores, rejuvenates & regenerates liver cells.

7) Niacin B3 – Niacin B3 is nothing more than vitamin B3 and is sold at most health food stores, it comes in 100-500 mg tablets. Taking niacin B3 will likely cause your skin to flush red & get itchy, this is totally normal and is caused from the increased circulation of the blood. Niacin acts to dilate the bile ducts much like the epsom salt & the coffee enema. Take 100-500 mg of niacin B3 once per day for 3-4 days leading to the flush.

8) Epsom Salt – Epsom salt is used to relax & dilate the bile ducts so stones can pass more easily through the ducts. This also enables large stones to pass & decreases the chance of stones getting stuck in the bile ducts although it is rare.

9) Master Cleanse Drink – The master cleanse is good to take twice a day for 3-4 days leading to the flush.

10) Liver Electrolyte Drink – The LED replenishes electrolytes in the body which get depleted during coffee enemas & liver flushes.

by Jordan Blaikie the Liver Flush Man
@ Liver Magic

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