5 Reasons Why You Need A Liver Cleanse

The second reason why you need a liver cleanse, improved digestion and fat burning. Now you’re going to sit back and listen because we’re going to talk about how you can lose weight more easily and maintain weight loss.
I can remember having a conversation a few years ago with Dr. Sandra Cabot, the Australian liver doctor, who wrote a liver cleansing diet book. You may have that one on your shelf. And Sandra mentioned that if people only knew what role the liver played in weight loss, they would certainly pay much more attention to regular liver cleansing.
Did you know that your liver is your body’s main fat burning mechanism? Your liver’s role in metabolizing fats makes it one of the most important of all digestive organs. Your liver produces about a pint, or 600 mils, of bile per day that is stored in the gall bladder. Bile is one way for your body to get rid of worn out blood cells and other unwanted chemicals like redundant hormone residues.
Bile helps to break down dietary fats, and it’s important to correct and complete the metabolism of the fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K. Correct and continuous bile flow is a critical aspect of excellent digestion, and it’s one of my major goals in liver cleansing. That’s why many herbs and nutrients we recommend for liver cleansing are called “Cholagogue” herbs. Cholagogue means that they allow the stimulation and the production of bile. Gall stones, bloating, gas, and attacks of pain after eating fats are signs of a sluggish gall bladder, so this is one of the main reasons why I like people to complete the liver and gall bladder cleansing program on a regular basis.
The third reason why you need to give your liver a clean. To improve blood sugar control. Your liver will control your blood sugar in multiple ways. Did you know that your liver has a large storage capacity for a sugar called glycogen? Glycogen is your stored blood sugar. And when your body needs a burst of energy, the adrenal gland releases a hormone called cortisol that liberates glycogen. Which then becomes converted to blood sugar that is then utilized as an energy source by the millions of cells in your body.
Your liver is very clever because it can also convert other forms of sugar into glucose. The preferred fuel for your body cells. Such as conversion of fructose from fruit and lactose from dairy into glucose. The clever thing about an effective liver cleanse is that it improves your body’s ability to metabolize blood sugars, making this process much more efficient.
This more effective balancing of blood sugars will then prevent those episodes of low blood sugar that commonly occur with people with congestive livers. It’s important for you not to get low blood sugar because that can make you want to go to the kitchen and grab a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly on it or to go to the fridge and get a scoop of ice cream.
When your blood sugar drops, you get a craving. A clean liver is going to help regulate and release enough stored energy to keep you from not wanting to go to the fridge or the pantry all the time. The fatter you get, the sicker the liver, the fatter you will become because the sicker the liver will get, if that makes any sense.
The other important point worth mentioning here is that sugar cravings are easily controlled. Reducing the likelihood of sweet cravings and weight gain that many women experience. I’ve noticed that when people get over 200 pounds, they gain weight real fast. Have you noticed? And that’s because their liver becomes very fatty.
Number four, the fourth reason why you need a liver cleanse. Improved immune function. Did you know that the liver has a very high concentration of white blood cells, and it’s the primary immune organ in its own right? Your liver possesses a very high concentration of natural killer cells and macrophages that play an important role in preventing any infection or illness due to toxins or xenobiotic chemicals from spreading to the rest of the body. Xenobiotic chemicals are basically chemicals of foreign origin. We don’t know where they come from.
Some experts state that as much as a quarter of all liver cells are white blood cells designed to allow the liver to work very effectively as an immune filter. By regularly completing a deep cleanse, you’re ensuring that your liver remains vigilant and highly efficient at performing its task optimally. By reducing your total toxic load and completing a detox annually, you’re well on your way to preventing the many chronic, recurring degenerative diseases that people get, which affect people quite often prematurely.

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