All About a Liver Cleanse | How to Cleanse Your Liver
All About a Liver Cleanse | How to Cleanse Your Liver

Preparing your body for a liver cleanse

The lifestyle many of us pursue leads to a build-up of what are basically poisons in the body. It is the job of our poor, long suffering livers to sort it all out so we can carry on walking about and doing what we need to do every day.

For those of us who are on medication, eating low quality food on a regular basis, and drinking above recommended limits, the strain we are putting on our livers is vastly increased.

As part of reviewing what we are doing to our bodies, having a liver cleanse can help put things back on an even keel and improve our health as a result. It helps our livers recover, and the general feelings of well-being can return once more.

It is a bit like having a spring cleaning, where the finer details of keeping your house immaculate are attended to. Only this time, instead of removing dirt, you are getting into all the nooks and crannies of your body and clearing out the toxins you could really do without.

As part of increasing the health of your liver, there are also certain supplements to help with this “spring cleaning.” You can see a review of Liver Active, a popular holistic spray that you simply apply under the tongue a few times a day.

Caution should be exercised however, if you have been following an unhealthy lifestyle for a long time. Avoid launching yourself full on into a liver cleanse program without preparing your body gradually, and allow your liver time to get used to new regimes.

Slow but sure, just like the hare and the tortoise! You must also be prepared to back up a liver cleanse with major changes in the level of your healthy lifestyle; a liver cleanse without the follow up of consistent nutritious food and plenty of exercise, will be a waste of your time and money.

Types of Liver Cleansing Diets

Experts have a number of simple suggestions to perform a liver cleanse, remembering that this is a gradual process.

Pure apple juice is considered a natural cleanser; what did doctors used to say about an apple a day?

Also recommended is using more olive oil in your diet, for example as a dressing on salads.

Grapefruits and lemon have liver stimulating properties, which can help the liver cleanse itself.

One of the best ways to cleanse the liver is to cut out all processed foods and stick to meals with salad, fruits and raw foods which are easy for the liver to deal with.

Also recommended are the use of Epsom salts on the first day to help clear the toxins your liver is dealing with.

How to start your liver cleansing diet

A good way to start a liver cleanse would look like this:

Include fresh apple, grapefruit and lemon juice in your daily diet from now on, plus plenty of fresh fruit.
On the first day take 4 tbsp Epsom salts in 4 cups of water, sipping throughout day and choosing a day where you don’t have to go anywhere, as this will clear out your system!
Replace junk meals, fatty or sugary snacks and fast food with salads with olive oil dressings.
Cut out any processed and over cooked foods from now on and try to stick to food in as close to its natural state as possible.
Eat brown or wholemeal versions of rice, bread, and pasta.
Follow these diet plans, and in a few days you will be bouncing with health!
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All About a Liver Cleanse | How to Cleanse Your Liver

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