Colon and Liver Cleanse Detox – Triphala Churna

Colon and Liver Cleanse Detox

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Ayurvedic Medicine

In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Triphala is used to stimulate immune system, improve digestion, relief constipation and gas, to cleanse gastrointestinal tract. Triphala Churna has been used for many generations to safely and gently cleanse and detox the colon and organs, as well as toning the colon walls and balancing metabolism. Ayurvedic medicine doctors also use Triphala to aid in weight loss and to be useful in constipation. Preclinical studies show that Triphala Churna is a potent antioxidant and support in resolving many disorders.

Digestive system has been called the other brain. Many neurotransmitters the brain needs to function are produced in the gut. Brain related symptoms may start to clear along the healing digestive system.It is important to make sure toxins and fermenting fecal matter are not sitting in the colon longer than they should. Support your body eliminating the waste and toxins from your gut.

Commonly used herbs in colon cleanse products like; senna, psyllium, cascara sagrada, function as an irritant to the colon wall, and stimulate the colon to contract. Extreme type of super colon cleanse has a chance for adverse side-effects such as drying of the colon or colon becoming sluggish on its own, and dependent on the product. This is why we have brought to you Gentle Intestinal Cleanser Triphala Churna 1000 mg.
Triphala Churna 2000 Mg
Ayurvedic Triphala Churna is a herbal gentle colon cleanse and detox.
Gentle Triphala Churna Detox Cleanse Support:
Decrease free radicals in digestive system.
Stronger colon wall.
Liver Detox, blood detox, and clearer skin.
Gentle colon detox and cleanse. Suitable for daily use.

Signs of Body Toxicity
-Poor digestion, bloating, gas, cooperating on the tongue.
-Poor sleep, insomnia, always exhausted.
-Skin conditions, acne, oily skin, eczema, dry skin, patches on skin.
-Joint and muscle pain.
-Foggy brain, memory problems, confusion.
-Unstable mood, depression, anger etc.

Side Effects of Detox
Discharges like production of mucus.
General discomfort

Diet is the most important aspect in keeping the detoxification processes active and adequate. When you change form meat based diet to a vegetable based diet you’ll have all kinds of changes happening in your digestive system. It is normal and expected to feel discomfort during this kind of changes. It is important to go slowly, relax about the idea of detox, not to try to be perfect, and be patient. Especially with dietary changes the changes can be very strong. When trying to come of coffee or sugar it can be quite beneficial to have just a tiny bit of it, like a teaspoon of coffee. Generally speaking, some uncomfortable symptoms are expected.

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