Colon / Liver Cleanse | Beginning Gall Bladder Cleanse | ~~~Nancy Koncilja Gurish

Day Number Two: Colon / Liver Cleanse, entering the Gall Bladder Cleanse. I’m not in the mood to talk in this video: I haven’t eaten for two days… it is morning —
so please read my sign. This is the day for Apple Cidar Vinegar, after finishing all of the Grapefruit juice from the first cleanse. There was a 3rd dosage last evening, at
about 10:00 p.m — I did not video at that time as I was hungry and
cranky and not in the mood to present a video. I will, however publish a video shortly; detailing the third dose of the liver / colon cleanse. I’m grateful for these cleanses; I got several stones from my body; different color – which determines where the stones came
from: the colon, or liver; and then the gall bladder. Removing these stones will prevent the onset of disease at and within these organs. So, how can I complain?
~~~Nancy Koncilja Gurish
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