Core Restore Liver Cleanse – Holistic Haven – Core Restore Liver Cleanse from Holistic Haven.

We all know that it’s a toxic environment and we all know that after the holidays it’s super important to clean up our diet from all the sweets and the rich foods that we’ve been eating over the holidays, right? One of my very favorite cleanses ever, I do it every January, is the Core Restore.

Core Restore is a brown rice protein powder shake, liver cleanse capsules and what they call Alpha Base which is all the nutrients that your body needs. The reason I love this is it’s easy, it tastes good, it works really well and it’s in – short but sweet. They have a booklet that you’ll get in the kit.

core-restoreThe thing about the Core Restore is it’s a deep liver detox. Phase one and two liver detox that goes over all kinds of information in the booklet. And this is designed to get at the deep debris, help your body to release it so you can feel good. Most people say that they have more energy, their skin looks amazing, they feel better. They, their, they, usually if you do a seven day Core Restore, you can lose anywhere from 2 to 6 pounds really depending and just feel good.
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