INTENSE Reiki: liver cleanse

Intensive Reiki energy enters the body through the energy centers of the head, and then flows to the hands of a powerful stream.
The intense energy of Reiki (purification and recovery) runs by itself and circulates regardless of our physical or mental condition. Liver cleanse does not cause side effects, because never exceeds the needed dose.
Liver cleanse it is based on the principle of harmonization of energy. The energy that flows within us must be in harmony with our vital functions (physiological and emotional). If one of these functions is blocked, then the energy is blocked and there is also discomfort, physical pain

INTENSE Reiki: liver cleanse can be an effective ally to restore the flow of energy and the release of energy blockages.

INTENSE Reiki: liver cleanse restores the connection between the universal energy and its own source of vital energy. Thus there is a harmony between our body and the universe.

INTENSE Reiki: liver cleanse relaxes, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and helps to eliminate pain.

INTENSE Reiki: liver cleanse

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