My Experience with a Liver Cleanse

This video is about Liver Cleanse Recipes. I have mixed reviews about the extreme measures involved in a liver cleanse. Like drinking a 1/2 cup of “olive oil” on the last night, which I passed on. And some of these “Liver Flush Diets” suggest drinking lots of epsom salt, which could be life threatening under certain medical conditions. Also, you may think your liver is passing stones, but if they are floating on the water, instead of heavy, they most likely from the oil that you drank the night before. I think this is a lesson in not going with the crowd, until after you have talked to your doctor and conducted your own research. I posted a liver cleanse recipe above, that is safe, it’s green juice fast. The liver cleanse with garlic and oil would not be my choice next time. πŸ™‚

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