WARNING! DONT WATCH IF U R EASILY DISGUSTED. Liver cleanse/flush without epsom salt

Liver cleanse / detox easily done at home . I followed Dr Hulda clark method and andreas Moris liver flush method. This method of cleaning the liver is very effective and cheap.

Remember this was not my first time and the clip I showed is not of my first pass , the thought of recording came to me after the 1st pass. but nontheless do proper research before trying this out because we are all different. i have a lot of experience so i can take stort cuts. my grandpa is a herbalist

I fasted for 2 days before doing a flush . During the fast I drank a lot of kombucha tea ; wheatgrass powder in water ; a lot of teas and distilled water. It was weekend and very spontan thinking that I might as well do a flush. I had no apple juice and no epsom salt. But I went ahead with the ingredients that I had. This was not my first flush and it was not my first time skipping the epsom salt . So I used LEMONS, GINGER , APPLE CIDER VINIGAR AND OLIVE OIL. I had difficulty falling asleep but was not painful the last 1 I did b4 this one in December was very painful. Don’t do this if u are not courageous and you cannot do enemas. I did coffee enema before drinking the concoction and 3 times after in the following morning.

go ahead and CLEANSE YOUR LIVER! you will be shocked at how good and light your body would feel after

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